Mumbai, 5 December (IANS) Everyday something new is being seen in the reality show Bigg Boss house. Now singer Rahul Vaidya has to be homeless and has been shown the way out by Salman Khan, the host of the show.

In the recent promo of the show, Salman is seen showing Rahul out of the house and this is because he had not done his last task nor did he show any interest in being a part of it.

In this video shared by Colors channel on Twitter, Salman appears very angry with Rahul, because he does not give his hundred percent in the task. Due to lack of enthusiasm and interest, Salman asks Rahul to leave the show.

However, Rahul’s fans are very angry with this.

A user has written, what is this? Is Salman Sir Sirius? Rahul is not interested in the show? Release money Rahul will come back, otherwise the show will not run.

Someone else wrote, The show is getting worse day by day. Participants who are serious should not be excluded. This hypocrisy is shameful. This became similar to Deepika Kakkar season.



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