Mumbai, 5 December (IANS) Bollywood actor Rahul Roy’s health is now seen improving. The 52-year-old actor was hospitalized last week due to brain stroke. It is being told that he has started walking slowly and is doing the exercise of physiotherapy etc.

Rahul’s friend and producer Ashwini Kumar told E-Times, Rahul has started eating. Right now, he is eating light food. There is still a small clot, which will be dissolved with the help of thinners. Of course all these will take time, but so far everything has been done well.

He had a sudden brain stroke while shooting for his upcoming film LAC: Live the Battle in Kargil in the last week of November.

Rahul Rai got overnight recognition from his debut film Aashiqui. The film was released in 1990. Meanwhile, after a brain stroke, he was brought to Srinagar before Kargil and taken to Mumbai again. He is being treated at Nanavati Hospital here.



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