Banda, 1 December (IANS) The Banda police have arrested three wildlife poachers and seized 100 kg of wild boar and an SUV from their possession. Forest officials gave this information on Tuesday.

Raghavendra Pratap, Jamuna Prasad and Raju Kushwaha of Tatum Maharajpur were caught while trying to smuggle pork into Punjab and Kerala.

Forest officials MP Gautam said, “Those arrested are professional hunters who picked up slaughtered pork using small bombs as food bait and smuggled it to Punjab and Kerala to sell it for Rs 2,000 per kg.” They hid native bombs in buffalo meat in the forests. Wild pigs were killed when they tried to eat it.

Hunters used to buy explosives from people involved in mining.

Gautam said that many of the accomplices of the arrested accused are absconding. We will arrest them soon. Due to the huge amount of seized pork, it is clear that many others are involved in this illegal activity. More information will be revealed after interrogating the three arrested poachers.

Wild boar is a protected species under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972.



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