Digital Desk, New Delhi. Petrol-diesel prices are once again skyrocketing. Indian Oil Marketing Companies (IOC, HPCL & BPCL) have raised fuel prices today (Thursday, 03 December) for the 11th time in 12 days. Experts believe that the common man may soon feel a lot of weight on his pocket. In fact, diesel being expensive affects many foods including vegetables. Currently, petrol is being sold in the capital Delhi at Rs 82.49 per liter and diesel at Rs 72.65 per liter.

Today, the government oil companies have increased the price of petrol by 17 paise and diesel by 20 paise. Earlier on Wednesday, petrol prices were raised by 18 paise. While the price of diesel was increased by 25 paise per liter. At the moment, know what is the price in metros today …

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Petrol – Diesel Price
According to the website of Indian Oil, today the prices of petrol diesel in the financial capital Mumbai and metropolitan Kolkata and Chennai including the capital of the country are as follows: –





82.66 per liter

72.84 per liter


Rs 89.33 per liter

79.42 per liter


84.18 per liter

76.41 per liter


85.20 per liter

Rs 78.00 per liter

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Know the price of fuel in your city like this
You can also know the daily prices of petrol and diesel through SMS. For this, the Indian Oil consumer has to send RSP to 9292992249 number. At the same time, BPCL customer will have to send RSP to 9223112222 number, while HPCL consumer will have to send HPPrice to number 9222201122, after which the price of fuel can be obtained.


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