New Delhi, 4 December (IANS). Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted the song Kaal Hai Mahakal from his verified account, making its composer-singer Sandeep Goswami very happy. Goswami says the song has gone viral ever since PM Modi posted it on social media. Many other top politicians are sharing this song.

He said, a video in which PM Narendra Modi is seen enjoying my track during Dev Deepawali function in Varanasi, PM himself posted on the internet. After this, many famous ministers and common people including Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal shared the song. This made it viral in no time.

Goswami said, when the Prime Minister shared this video, I did not know that something like this had happened. I came to know about this only after receiving a message on Twitter and YouTube. Not only Indians, people from all over the world approached me to appreciate my work.

The musician (singer) said that the amount of thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sharing the video is less.

Talking about his creative process, he said, I want to produce songs that appeal to the Millennials of the country.

Goswami is currently working on Damru Jo Baaje song.



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